Thursday, August 02, 2007

Machismo when the party gets loud

Now this was fascinating: "Subjects who made incorrect decisions under "noisy" conditions tended to have extremely high confidence that their decisions were right. They were far more confident than the subjects dealing with a noncluttered image.", the "louder" and more confusing it gets, visually speaking, the more machismo shows up at the party.

The original article, "Visual Clutter Causes High-Magnitude Errors," can be found here.


Rich's ramblings said...

Rob, thanks for pointing us to that article. Yet another article that can substantiate the need for a stripped down, highly mobile armed force that can run and punch as per John Lind's 4G warfare writings Eliminate all but the essential forces and decision makers on site, and further reduce the distractions and corresponding likelihood of erroneous decisions.



Rich's ramblings said...

Oops, I meant John Boyd, not John Lind.

Not enough coffee yet ;-)

Robert said...

Rich, it's a good argument for paring out all but essential information. Getting there, of course, is the key.