Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Riki Tiki Tavi Returns

The next door neighbor boy just came over and asked if he could play with the rubber snake on my front walk way. When I looked out the door, I realized that he was referring to a baby copper head. Since I appreciated the boy’s courtesy, I said, “Sure, go ahead. But let me know when you’re done.”

If you ever want to catch a copper head, just gently stroke it behind its head. This places the snake in a near trance-like state. Then, when it gently attaches itself to your finger with its mouth hooks, you can, with reciprocal gentility, transfer it to a bottle like the one pictured here. Under no circumstances should you try to sprinkle salt on its tail. This only makes it angry, and it might slither away. No fun with that.

Here are some pictures of me having fun with the snake.

If you can’t make out the details of the snake in my pictures, here is a link to a picture of a juvenile copper head with its tell-tale yellow tail.

PS. If anyone has a home remedy for the spontaneous swelling of one’s hand, please let me know. Mine is bigger than a softball and turning blue. Hmmm.

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