Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Assessing Leaders Who Might Make Bad Decisions by Dr. Karen Steadman

"I have a friend in the mortgage industry who shared the following sentiment with me about refinancing:
Do not try to use common sense to understand this process, there is none of that in our industry at the moment. The mantra in our industry is “rules over risk” which means that they are not concerned whether your loan represents a risk or not, it is all about whether we are able to meet the guidelines.
Rules over risk? This approach concerns me."

Me, too.  Read more here.

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Robert said...

I've taken their test, and the results are truly enlightening. If your company entrusts risky decision to risk seeking people, or if your decision makers aren't taking enough risk (there is a balance) you might want to think about how to reorient them. This test can help you do that.